Reviewing a course is easy in ReviewMyElearning. 

You should receive an email request to review the course. You can launch the review from the unique link in the email, from the course's details page, or from your RME dashboard. 

To begin a review from the email link:

  1. Click your unique link.
  2. You may be prompted to login.
  3. Click the "Begin My Review" button.
  4. When the course has loaded the review form below will be enabled
  5. Enter comments on any slides that need them.
  6. When finished click the red Exit button above the course.
    1. Choosing "Continue review later" will simply close the window.
    2. Choosing "Mark review complete" will close the window and notify the course Developer(s) that you are finished.

Add a comment(s) for a slide:

  1. Pause the course. 
  2. Enter your comment in the "Add your comment..." section.
  3. Select one or more categories for the comment.
  4. Click the Save button.