You may be wondering if one client will see another client's course. Or if one Reviewer will see another's comments. 

Only the Account Owner can see everything. 

Reviewers, Developers, and Uploaders can only see the Courses/Comments they are assigned to (or Uploaded). 

And you can choose (per course) whether or not Reviewers may see other Reviewers' comments. 

Consider a scenario where you have two courses for two clients:

  1. You upload a course for Client A  
    1. Assign Andy as a Developer
    2. Assign Anna, Abby, and Carl as Reviewers
  2. You upload a course for Client B
    1. Assign Betty as a Developer
    2. Assign Bob, Bill, and Carl as Reviewers
    3. You disable the options for Reviewers to see each other's comments for this course.

The result is:

  • Neither Andy, Anna or Abby can see the Client B course.
  • Neither BettyBob or Bill can see the Client A course.
  • Carl can see both courses.
  • Bob, Bill, and Carol can not see each others comments on the Client B course. 
  • Anna, Abby, and Carl can see each others comments on the Client  A course.