There are two types of notifications; action-based emails, and updates. The update notifications are opt-in at the course level. All others are based on actions, and are sent immediately.

Note: Reviewers will only receive notifications if they have created an account, which is not required when reviewing public courses.  

Action-Based Notifications:

  • Reviewers get a Request to Review notification
  • Developers get:
    • Assignment as Course Developer notification
    • Review Complete notifications (for each Reviewer, if they use mark complete)
  • Uploaders get an immediate Your upload is complete notification
  • Owners get notifications of all of the above and more for any courses under their Organization

Update Notifications:

  • Owners, Uploaders and Developers will automatically be subscribed when assigned to a course.
  • Reviewers may subscribe by checking the box on the course's dashboard. 
  • All Users subscribe/unsubscribe from a course's updates on it's dashboard

  • Types of updates:
    • New/updated comments
    • New comment discussions
    • Comment assignments