Have you ever needed to verify a learner’s responses? Wondered what the Reviewer answered on question four? Do you find yourself troubleshooting quiz scores, completions, or other SCORM standards? Now you can in ReviewMyElearning.com!

The SCORM log in RMeL enables you to track all the SCORM communications between your course and our service. Viewing the SCORM log is easy:

  1. On the course details page there is a button next to each Reviewer that has started the course.

  1. Click the button and that Reviewer’s SCORM log will popup. 

Another great feature you will find there is the option to reset the Reviewer’s SCORM history. By resetting the history Reviewers will be able to restart the course as if it was their first time. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the SCORM log, what you can do with it,  and the advantages of being able to reset a Reviewer.