RevewMyElearning enables you to link to SCORM courses from another server. 

Only Account owners and users with Uploader privileges for an Organization can add a course.

We have two videos below that provide an over of the process and some details about which files you need. 

These are the minimum steps to link to a course.   

  1. Login to RME (must have Uploader privileges)
  2. Select Add a Course from the top navigation bar. 
  3. Toggle the switch to Link to a course.
  4. Paste the URL to your course into the form field.
  5. Add appropriate Developer email addresses
  6. Separate email addresses with a comma
  7. Add message as appropriate
  8. Add appropriate Reviewer email addresses
  9. Separate email addresses with a comma
  10. Add message as appropriate
  11. Select Create Course

The course will be added immediately.  


  • The URL should be to the HTML file used to load the course. 
  • The imsmanifest should be in the same directory. 
  • Non-SCORM content cannot be added to RME
  • Network and internet connectivity can impact upload times

Overview Video