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Require Logins -- Can this setting be managed at the Account Owner Level?

Because of confidentiality issues, we always need to require anyone acessing the course to login. The login settings at the course level appear in a very awkward spot (at least in Chrome).  Can this setting be moved on the dashboard, or can be be managed at the account owner level (either as a global "must require login" or "manage at course level")?

We really want to avoid any accidental changes to this setting. 

Hi Jennifer, 

All new courses should default to requiring log in. 

Can you post a screen capture of what you are seeing please?

We've actually had this be an issue, and compounded other issues with users who hadn't yet created a login, just because someone fumble-fingered.

Hi Jennifer,

Those options are only shown to the Course Uploader/Owner and the Developers. We have it at the course level because many of our customers have different processes for different clients. If someone accidently clicks the button they could click it again to correct it. Or perhaps we can add a confirmation prompt: "Are you sure you do not want to require login?".

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