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Support for UPK-created courses

 Just wondering if there are plans to include Oracle UPK created courses in ReviewMyElearning?  I love ReviewMyElearning for Storyline courses; it would be great if we could use it for UPK as well.


Hello Brenda,

I am not familiar with UPK. Our system works with the most popular eLearning development tools and we can customize it to work with others. We may be able to add support for UPK. 

Generally our system needs three things from a course:

  1. Method to identify what the course was made with. 
  2. Method to know when a slide has changed.
  3. Method to get information about the current slide. 
For the majority of tools we can extend the built-in SCORM functions to achieve this. For some we need to build our own custom methods to get the information. 

If you would like to send us a few sample course we can take a look and see if we can add support for UPK as well. 
I would love that!  Thanks James--I've attached a sample published file.  I really appreciate your time!


(2.79 MB)
Hi James--have you had a chance to check this out at all?


Sorry not sure how I missed this when you uploaded it. 

We took a look at it and I am sorry to say that based on this example course I'm not sure RME will be a good fit. :-(

  • The main factor is that the course just doesn't provide much information about where the user is. It seems to only track an item once its been completed. Since an item might be a 10 min long video we really wouldn't know where they are when they make a comment. 
  • Another factor is that it has popups inside a pop up which would make it hard for us to track. 

Perhaps there are some options in the tool to add more tracking and open topics in the same window?

That's a pity. There is currently not a really good review option - in my opinion of the UPK. I was an UPK consultant in the past.

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