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Posted over 8 years ago by Suzanne Crane

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Suzanne Crane

Some of our reviewers are able to reply to other reviewers' comments and other reviewers are not.

When uploading the course, I did check the box indicating that reviewers could see each others' comments.  I also indicated that they did not need to log in as a requirement to review (in an attempt to make the process easier for them.)

We tried to make everyone a developer on the site so they could use the developer screens to have the discussions about a specific slide within the tool as a workaround, but this didn't work either.  I believe we are limited to 5 developers on the site and we have about 8-10 people total on the project who need to be a part of the discussions.

How can we make it consistent so that all reviewers can see and reply to each others' comments?  Does this require each reviewer has created a profile on the site and/or they all use the same browser?  We are encouraging the use of Chrome, although that doesn't seem to solve the problem either.

Thank you!

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Suzanne Crane posted over 8 years ago

Great news!  Thanks for letting me know!  We will test this on our next round of reviews (hopefully next week.)

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Just James

Just James posted over 8 years ago Admin

Sorry Suzanne, We had a bug :-/

When courses did not require the Reviewers to log in then in some circumstances they would not be able to see or add replies. We pushed a fix for it today. 

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