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Posted almost 9 years ago by Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown

I love the Star feature, and wish more reviewers would use it, because it helps us easily see slides that reviewers simply like.

It would be nice to also have a Flag feature, that indicates a slide needs particular scrutiny when reviewing. 

In my current organization, we do a QA before submitting the next round of reviews or before uploading to our LMS. We often have several courses in development at once, and screenburn is an issue, especially with our tight turnaround times..

A Flag would be helpful for particular slides where a change is made, but needs particular attention, or if there's something that needs to be passed on to other parties outside of the review process.

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James Kingsley

James Kingsley posted about 8 years ago Admin

Sorry, Nothing to report yet. 

We are working on hard on a new version of the Course Details page (where all the comments are listed). Once we get that rolled out we will have bandwidth for other features like this one.

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Jenn Brown posted about 8 years ago

Any updates on this? It really helps our organizations get a more comprehensive perspective on not just what needs to be changed in courses, but what reviewers like, so we can keep improving our products.

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Maud Schlich posted over 8 years ago

I'd also love to have feedback on this, as I too found this very helpful. I could live with an additional comment if I could just filter that in the dashboard.


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Jenn Brown posted over 8 years ago

Thanks James.  I know this is now 2 months old, but I appreciate all the effort you guys put into ReviewMyElearning (or as we call it here, RME).

Any update to this? We're just out of our latest review cycle, and we had multiple reviewers ask about the star feature.  We actually like it as a separate line item (or column) because it helps us track things like without getting lost in the details of other comments.  

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James Kingsley

James Kingsley posted over 8 years ago Admin

Sorry we temporarily disabled the Star feature :-/

Many users pointed out that when a Reviewer starred a slide it would create an new comment. The Developers/Owners had to handle that empty comment on the course dashboard which created work for them.

We considering a system to let Reviewers add stars without creating a new line item. We hope to implement that soon. 

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Suzanne Crane posted over 8 years ago

I love the idea of the star feature, but I can't see it on our review screen.  I saw the button on a tutorial video I reviewed, but it looks like this feature has been disabled.  Please can you bring this back?  It's very helpful to know that a specific reviewer has seen a slide and approved it as is.

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