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Renaming Courses with Upload

 I'd like to have the ability to rename a course while uploading, i.e. give it a name additionally to just selecting the file on the computer and pick developers / reviewers.

Even better: have the ability to also add a short comment for each course to better differentiate several with nearly the same names (like Modul-01 ...) and then adding for example the learning goals in the comment.

Just to be clear, you mean during the process of Upload, not after? You do have the ability to edit the name after Upload (we frequently add in the "due" time and date, because we have aggressively short review periods. We've gotten into the habit of not adding reviewers or developers until after the course is uploaded.

I do like the idea of having a description area, too.

We agree!

We plan to add a free form area that help you organize your courses. We can also take a look at adding an option to name the course before it's uploaded. 

Great - and yes, I meant naming before uploading.
Thanks for your continuous improvements.


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