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Posted almost 9 years ago by Michelle Priebe

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Michelle Priebe

I would like to see the ability for reviewers to be able to edit their comment after they submit it and while the review is still open.

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Kimberly Valliere posted about 7 years ago

SO happy to have this feature implemented just in time for my team to conduct maintenance on the modules we just finished.

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Paula DeYoung posted over 7 years ago

I agree with Kimberly.  It doesn't take much for comments to roll off the visible comment panel, so to be able to delete a comment would be quite a space saver.  Perhaps you could make that an owner-only action.

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Kimberly Valliere posted over 7 years ago

Agree with Michelle considering I just made this request myself. It is frustrating as a reviewer to not be able to edit/delete a comment while reviewing the course. I understand that once the course is submitted, it shouldn't be edited, but when I have to reply to my own comments saying the one above is an error, that gets a bit confusing in the edit log.

What if you allow the uploader/admin to select the ability for the reviewer to edit/delete so that others can do this on a case-by-case basis?

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Michelle Priebe posted over 8 years ago

Hi James, makes sense. I typically don't start making edits until a reviewer has marked their review as complete making them unable to access it again. At the very least a timer would be helpful... 5-10 minutes would ideal. 

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James Kingsley

James Kingsley posted over 8 years ago Admin

Thanks Michelle. We don't currently support this because many of our clients need an audit trail. And we want to avoid situations where a Reviewer makes a request, the Developer starts work, but the Reviewer edits the request in the meantime. 

Replies/Discussions are a good way for a Reviewer to amend a comment. 

We are considering adding a timer so that the users has X minutes to edit their comment before it is saved. Maybe five minutes... 

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