Changing review item status auto-notifies SME

Posted about 9 years ago by Tammy Knoll-Anderson

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Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Hi James,

As a developer, I would like a way to communicate with the SME on items I have questions about or need additional information. It would be great if a status type could trigger this.

For example, a SME comments that a slide needs additional information and a new image, but they haven't provided either. I can comment with a suggested image or revised text, but I am not ready to say I have completed their request. I change the status to Feedback or Pending, etc. which triggers a notification to the SME to revisit this review item.


Tammy Knoll-Anderson

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Jenn Brown posted about 9 years ago

I really like the idea of "email latest changes" to SME/developers.

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James Kingsley

James Kingsley posted about 9 years ago Admin

Hi Tammy,

Reviewers can subscribe to notifications if they want to from the course dashboard. By default they would be notified every 3 hours of any updates to comments. The notification period can be updated from their profile if they prefer to get them more/less often. 

We don't automatically subscribe Reviewer to notifications because most Reviewers don't want them. Many Reviewers never look at the course dashboard. 

We have considered something like you are suggesting but we need to be careful not to overwhelm users with emails. If you update 20 comments to pending the SME would get 20 emails :-(

We need to work out something smart enough to group those into one email. Or maybe a button to "Email latest changes" that would click after updating those 20 comments.... 

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Jenn Brown posted about 9 years ago

I'm wondering if the name of the role, "Developer" should change, since Uploader is now a role, and some of the features that were originally assigned to Developers have moved to that role.  The people we add as Developers are both course developers (who actually build the course), and the SMEs and other people on the project who have to sign off on certain changes, or provide the changes themselves.

We've been using the "Assigned to" column to indicate who is responsible for the next action related to the specific comment, and the discussion field to provide the details of decisions, or other useful information. It would be very nice to have this change in assignment have an auto-notification, even if individual users can turn it off on their profile.

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