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Posted almost 9 years ago by Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown

It would be useful to have a Deferred status, as well as a Not Applicable status.

The Deferred would be useful as some items may need to be addressed in future versions of a course, or in other material, but aren't explicitly Complete or Denied.

Not Applicable could be used for a variety of non-course specific, such as technical issues (firewall or browser), or comments that have nothing to do with the course, or anything about the material or technical issues reviewing the course.

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Maud Schlich

Maud Schlich posted almost 9 years ago

Yes, being able to use my own statuses would be great.


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Jenn Brown posted almost 9 years ago

I like that idea.  I know different organizations use different terms.  But if that's not feasible, at least having two more options would be very helpful so we don't have to manually change those in our downloaded versions of the course feedback.

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Just James

Just James posted almost 9 years ago Admin

We have considered letting teams create their statuses. This would be something at the Organization level. 

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