Systems Stable & Improved - A Huge Thank You to Our Community!

Posted 20 days ago by Susan Welland

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Susan Welland Admin

Dear Valued Customers,

First and foremost, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to each of you, particularly those facing imminent deadlines, for your patience and incredibly constructive feedback over the past few days. As we navigated the complexities of balancing our servers and implementing production updates—which temporarily placed courses in "Processing" mode—your understanding has been a beacon of support for our team.

In an ideal world, we would have orchestrated this transition seamlessly, accompanied by a comprehensive communication strategy to keep you all informed and prepared. Our intention was to ensure a smooth evolution without disrupting your workflow. However, the essence of our ethos lies in responsiveness and adaptability, not just in our technology but also in how we support the myriad of authoring tools you rely on. These tools evolve, and so must we, often at a pace that challenges our best-laid plans.

Last week, we encountered a significant hurdle: reports of issues with adding comments due to software updates from our supported authoring tools. Faced with a choice between a partial functionality for many users on Monday or a complete, albeit temporary, service halt over the weekend for urgent testing, we chose the latter. This decision was not made lightly, and we deeply regret any inconvenience or stress this may have caused.

We are committed to transparency and continuous improvement. Your feedback is invaluable to us and has already spurred several immediate actions:

  • Review Link Stability: Unexpected changes in our new database affected review links, an issue that was not apparent during our staging tests. We are actively working on a solution to ensure link stability and reliability. Reviewers can login and and see their courses. 
  • UI: There are some buttons we are still adjusting, like the Save attachments button and the comment bar.
  • Homepage Enhancements: We're refining our homepage.

Exciting Developments on the Horizon:

As we look to the future, we're thrilled to announce a pipeline of features designed to enrich your experience and enhance the functionality of Review My eLearning:

  • AI Course Review Tool: Leveraging cutting-edge AI to provide comprehensive, automated feedback on your eLearning courses, enhancing quality and engagement.
  • Ask the Expert: Direct access to industry experts for personalized advice and insights, ensuring your eLearning projects achieve their full potential.
  • Integration into Teams, Slack, and JIRA: Seamless connectivity with your favorite collaboration tools, making it easier than ever to incorporate Review My eLearning into your workflow.

These upcoming features are a testament to our commitment to not just meet but exceed your expectations, driven by your feedback and our vision for a more connected, efficient, and innovative eLearning community.

Your feedback is not just welcomed; it is essential for our growth and for the enhancement of the services we provide to you!

We are here to support you, to listen, and to ensure that Review My eLearning not only meets but exceeds your expectations. In the pipleline of features is our Ask the Expert Thank you for your continued trust in us, for your understanding, and for being a part of our journey. Together, we will navigate these challenges and emerge stronger.

Warmest regards,

Review My eLearning Team

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