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Posted almost 2 years ago by Kevin Blaser

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Kevin Blaser

Right now the reviewer would have to go through the eModule all over again to see their suggestions addressed. Could it be possible to set it up to send an email to the individual reviewer showing their comments and the developers responses. Or at least send them an eMail saying that the developer responded to their suggestions and to please re-review the eModule to see answered responses.

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Susan Welland posted almost 2 years ago Admin

Great request Kevin! Especially if the course navigation is locked. One work around (for now), is to add the Reviewer as a Developer. That way they have access to the Developer panel view. They would need to set up a free account. It may be helpful when working a lot with one particular reviewer (which happens a lot if they are the SME). 

Will keep you posted if we can do this. We do have that export to Excel button in the Developer dashboard, so maybe the tool can email that when the updates have been completed! 



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