Accidentally deleted a course - is it possible to retrieve?

Posted over 5 years ago by Business Partner, eLearning

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Business Partner, eLearning

Hi All,

I've just completely screwed up and accidentally deleted a course - comments and all.

Has anyone ever done anything similar?

Were you able to retrieve the comments on the course?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Susan Welland posted 3 months ago Admin

Hi Donald!

Thanks for reaching out. If I understand the issue correctly, it sounds like you are locked out of the course. If so, there is an easy fix. The developer (the one who shared the course with you) can unlock the course so you can continue making edits! To do so, they simply need to click the unlock button in their dashboard (see below). 

You may be wondering, why the heck does this happen? Well, it was/is to keep developers sane and to stay in budget. When we first launched, reviewers would go back and suggest more edits to the course after the developer thought they were "done" with that given section in a course. We also found it helps contractors track the number of review cycles allowed (so they can submit a Change in Scope (COS) if the client wanted to do more edits after the first round of edits!).

If you have any other issues, I'd love to look deeper into the course! Please create a support ticket so I can expedite this. 

Keep being awesome!!


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Donald Goulet posted 3 months ago

How do I find a course that I have completed

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Susan Welland posted almost 4 years ago Admin

Hi Michelle!

Once a course has been deleted, it can no longer be retrieved.... From a support perspective, we receive these requests every so often... and we are super bummed too! Maybe we can adjust this so deleted courses can be held in a sort of purgatory for 1 hour before disappearing off our servers. I'll check in with Product Support to see if this is indeed possible.. but again, you are not alone! :)

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