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Slide numbers change with new cycle. Where do the comments go

So here is my dilemma. I have very large eLearning projects. I am using the RME tool for my SMEs. We absolutely love it. However, when I have to create a new slide based on feedback what does everyone do as this would change the slide numbers and the comments associated with it correct? We go through about 4-5 cycles so you can imagine my issue. Thoughts?

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Hi Lynne

What authoring tool do you use?  

As an Articulate user, what I have found is if you insert a new slide between existing one then slides are renumbered.  

So if you have slide with 3 pieces of content say A,B and C, they would be numbered sequentially as say 2.1 (A), 2.2 (B) and 2.3 (C).  If you inserted a new slide between 2.1 and 2.2 to add some content say A1, to get the flow A,A1, B,C they would be renumber to 2.1 (A), 2.2 (A1), 2.3 (B), 2.4 (C), so effectively changing the slide numbers.

If instead were to insert that new slide at the end, i.e 2.4 is A1, you could have unchanged slide numbers but would need to change the progression of the slides.  In Articulate there is a trigger that defaults to "Jump to next slide" when user clicks next.  By changing this on your original slide 2.1 to "Jump to slide 2.4" when user clicks next, and on your new slide to "Jump to slide 2.2" you would then get the 2.1 (A), 2.4 (A1), 2.2 (B), 2.3 (C) sequence and slide numbers effectively don't change for original slide and the content that was on them.  

I am not sure how feasible this would be for you.


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