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Reviewers not able to load course on IE or Chrome. Successful only in Firefox

My course reviewers are unable to load the course. In IE, it tells the user there is no course to review. In Chrome only the frame loads and none of the content. In Firefox, (which is a browser we dont normally use and there may be people who do not have this installed)  It is loading and the reviews can happen. 

How can I solve this issue? I am on a 30 day trial and I have 5 reviewers trying to access my course. 

Thank you

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Was this issue ever addressed/resolved?? I'm having this same issue in both IE and Chrome. the review form comes up, but when you click Launch Course, it runs the course in a new window without any review function.

(25.6 KB)

It doesn't work in Firefox either for me.

Hi Wendy,

It looks like the issue in your case is you have the course set to launch a new window.  Can you try re-publishing the course with it set to launch the course in the same window?  



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