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Edit/Delete while reviewing

Please, please, please add the functionality for a reviewer to edit/delete his/her own comments while reviewing. This adds serious confusion when exporting the document.

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I agree - if they are still reviewing the course, edits should be allowed. 

I second that request.  It would help clean up the display if mistaken comments were 'delete-able.'


YES! I recall when we were able to edit/delete comments in the Details page, but that functionality isn't there anymore. We often have comments that were left in error, or blank comments, and it would be nice to remove those instead of just marking them "not approved". 

Thank you!!! I've already shared the exciting news with my team.

WOOT! Thanks so much!

 I would ask that designated developers be able to delete reviewer comments, as well. I have a customer that constantly, despite being asked not to, puts in comments like "nice slide" or "I like this one", that only serve to clog the pipeline and are not necessary for me to send to my developers. I would like to be able to delete all of these before having edits done.

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