Unannounced changed to auto-notifications?!

Posted about 8 years ago by Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown

We've started experiencing a number of issues with what used to be auto-notifications. We never had to use the checkbox to send an email to Developers or Reviewers when they were assigned a course, unless we wanted to customize the message. But now that seems to be unannounced, MAJOR change.


Now, Developers and Reviewers aren't receiving any auto-notifications unless they are the Uploader for the course or Account Owner (and yes, we do have Uploaders assigned as Developers because we may need to assign action to them).

It's been my understanding (until this week) that auto-notifications will always fire when the following events occur:

- Your Upload is Complete (rec'd by Uploader, Account Owner)

- Assignment as Course Developer (rec'd by Developer)

- Request to Review (rec'd by Reviewer)

- Review Complete(rec'd by Uploader)


We’ve had to sink time in troubleshooting this for two different accounts (two email servers, two companies). We’ve been able to determine that Uploaders receive all the same auto-notifications, but Developers and Reviewers do not.


Initially (back in 2013) we would put custom messages in, but Reviewers ignore them and just click the links, so we stopped using it for most courses. We put any vital information into a group email (not using RME), along with the course dashboard link. Since we always require logins to our courses, they can’t get to the course without being assigned to it anyway.


There is a general update email notification, but that’s an opt-in. But having auto-notifications to people who least need it (Uploaders, who are going to be monitoring upload completion), but removing it from people who most need it (Reviewers and to a lesser degree Developers), is counter-intuitive.


If this is an actual, intentional change, it should be listed in both the changelog and the announcements. It’s listed in neither. This change was discovered with a course with executive visibility and has caused a lot of unnecessary troubleshooting had we been told about the change. If it’s not an intentional change, it needs to be resolved immediately.

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Maia Hammy posted over 7 years ago

Agree with this & recommendations 100 percent! I had to manually send links to each reviewer because NONE of them received an automatic notification. NOTE: I also had trouble getting automatic notifications sent to myself. When reviewers provided comments, the auto-notification took 2 days to arrive in my Inbox.

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