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I wanted to tell you that your "Review my eLearning " web interface is amazing and easy to use. I also wanted to know if you would be open to improving some aspects of the tool, such as ...


1) Interface customization. How much will it be possible to customize the interface? Can it include other media, text, and pictures that briefly describe our organization?

2 ) Would it be possible to change the language? Switch from English to French?

3 ) Would it be possible to use a " single sign-on" access to the interface to limit and control access  

 between different workstations?

4) What is the security level of "Review my eLearning"?


Thanks you !

Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for the kind words, we are very proud of it. 

  1. Currently (depending on your plan) you can choose the accent color, add your logo, and set an Organization name. 
  2. You would also have a custom URL like We currently do not support localization but are exploring the possibilities. 
  3. We do not support single sign on at this time. We have considered adding the ability to sign-in with Linkedin, Facebook, etc. But I think you are looking for another solution? Something to ensure the courses are only accessed from certain networks?
  4. We take security very seriously. Some or our policies are outlined in our privacy policy and our terms of service.  I am also attaching the results of a recent security audit conducted by an independent security firm. We scored very well and have made a improvements since this report. 

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