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Filtering / Sorting

Currently I have some very crucially inspecting reviewers doing a very good job in delivering lots of comments. *sigh*

So I'd love to be able to filter AND sort them.

Because sorting status means the ordering of slide will be alphanumerical (so 1, 11, 2,21, ...) confusing me a lot while correcting and sorting after slide which is done correctly purely numerical (1, 2, 11, 21, ...) means I see to much of already completed issues.

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I believe this issue is partly related to the course authoring software itself, based on a suggestion I'd made prior to the roll-out of the support portal.  It would be nice to see if that can happen on the site, since the lack of leading zeroes means it's much harder for the developer, or anyone else, to easily see feedback in proper order.

Actually you can use a multi-sort on the table. Click one column header then shift-click another!

Hopefully that will help. 

Hello, any news about filtering in the dashboard? Thanks.


For now you can apply multiple sorts/filters by entering search terms and sorting multiple columns. We have plans to replace that table soon. 

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