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Classification of issues


as I am an expert in reviews of products in software development, I really would like to discuss some features that would simplify the review process.

1) Although I assume that it would make your software more complex to have the ability to add more than one comment this would make things easier to tackle. Rationale: On one slide there may be comments I want to deal with differently - decline one but handle another, assign different developpers, and so on - currently this is not possible.

2) I'd love to have the ability to add a second classification to each issue, preferably Major, minor, note, ? (question to author), - (anything else) or - even better - be able to configure it myself.

3) In Feedback-Slides (Articulate) the titel of the slide is shown as part of the used CSS which is confusing for non-technical reviewers. If a slide has no title that field should display just nothing or <none>.

Overall I am quite satisfied with your tool - good job :-)

Kind regards


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Thanks a lot for those ideas Maud. Keep them coming. 

  1. We have had a lot of requests for multiple comments per slide. We have been focused on try to make the interface and process simple for the Reviewer. We have recently begun working on the next version of the Review form. I can't say much at this point but...   I think you will happy :-)
  2. A few other people have requested similar. The trick is ensuring the process works for all teams. Perhaps something you can configure at Organization level would work. Who do you see setting the classification? The Reviewer, the Developer, or both?
  3. Good catch. That is a bug we need to fix. In the meantime don't forget that the title field is editable by both Reviewers and Developers. 

Hello again,
Typically a Reviewer would classify his/her own comment, but a Developer could perhaps overwrite it - though that should perhaps be a deniable feature. In other reviews that would be decided upon in a review meeting deciding in a consens.


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