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Uploads not working

Starting today, uploads are not working. They stop when the bar makes it to the end. Then, when I go back to my Dashboard, the course shows up. However, the course will not open. An index file opens as a download at the bottom of the page. I tried doing it with a file that I had previously uploaded successfully, and it did the same thing.

Same problem here. When I go back to homepage, the course shows up with two same courses and all my links for reviewers are gone. I have no choice to recreate my course over and over again....

I am having this same issue. The bar makes it to the end, but never "creates" the the course. If I wait a few minutes before closing out of the window the course does seem to upload but it has been hit or miss. Sometimes I have to reload it, sometimes it works. 

Please let me know if you are still seeing that! This should have been resolved but we really don't want you to get frustrated so please open a ticket. This is temporary as we now have the working version in staging! Yay!! Again, the work-around is to click the home icon on the upper left corner when it is done processing and you should see the course in your dashboard! You guys are the best!


Much love!!

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