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Are there plans for updates and improvements?

I have added a lot of feature requests in the past. We are using the tool for quite some years now and though it is stable it is always nice to see development in a tool. 

Can we also see delivery and update notes somewhere?

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Hi Sjoerd! 

Thank you for the feedback. You are one of our favorite community members because you have helped improve the tool so much over time with your kind feedback. :) We do have a change log, but it is easy to overlook. If you go to the blog you will see it there in the header! I can see it needs to be updated with the last roll-out too!! In the pipeline is An Authoring tool that will be free for our customers and works with RME. Giving the developer an option to toggle or remove the comments bar. Also the ability to add attachments to your feedback (images, scripts, etc). Also YOUR idea about having a final approval button!! We have been discussing unlimited courses for our customers with subscriptions too! 

Finally, we changed the settings in the forum so we aren't as strict on comments being approved. ;D




BTW. I do not see a Change Log link in Review My learning and also not on the Support subsite.Links will be valuable there!

To reach the Change Log, you first have to click the blog link abd on the blog page there is a link to the Change Log.


However, on the blog, the latest post is from 2021 and the Change Log also does not show regular improvements, latest from 2020. It is a stable tool, but I hope to see more soon.

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