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ReviewMyElearning Tour page


When I tried to load the RME tour ( this morning, it gives me an error "You're looking for a page that doesn't exist!"

We always email the tour page to the first time user of RME. Can you tell me where I can locate the tour page? Thank you. 

Hi Benny,

The tour page has been removed since all accounts now include the ability to upload 1 course for free.  There are also initial tours/guides within RME the first time you access the pages to help learn how to use the system.  



Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your response. We will let our SMEs look for it. We prefer to include the "tour page" in our email. This way we can be sure that the SMEs know about it. Are there any chances the "tour page" make a comeback? 



Hi Benny,

We don't currently have a plan to bring the tour pages back since they also did not provide you with a full experience of all of the features. 




Sorry to be direct, but your answer makes no sense.

Great that one course can be uploaded for free, however, reviewers of newly built content are coming to RMeL without any prior experience.  It helps them to know how to leave comments on pages.

We are all in the business of providing information at the point of need.

RMeL have paying clients (us) with multiple clients of our own who need to know how to leave review notes in our lessons.

If RMeL was perfectly intuitive, a video guide would not be required, however, this is not the case.

I agree with Benny.

Please update the video guide and make it available again.



Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the feedback.  In your case I would recommend setting up a sample course you share with your clients with details for how you use Review My eLearning and what you would like them to do for your reviews.  

We are interested in hearing more about how you would recommend we improve the course review/comment screen to make it more intuitive as well.  If you have common questions reviewers ask you, we would welcome that feedback to help prioritize changes we can make to improve Review My eLearning.  


I'm adding to the sentiments that having that tour for new RME users was SO helpful! I could just send reviewers there and say there was a great little tutorial to get them started. Not having it is a detriment to this review system. Please consider updating it and making it available again.

Thank you,


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