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ability to add comment/message from admin for reviewers

Many times, we want to call attention to a specific topic or feature to gather feedback from our reviewers, or perhaps let them know that something isn't developed just yet and provide instructions for a temporary workaround. 

If we do this using comments, we have to then make comments visible to everyone, just so they'll see a comment from one of our course owners/developers. In some cases, we don't want everyone to see other comments. 

Alternatively, if we leave a note in the course itself, we're then required to go back and remove that item, and depending on the volume, it could be tricky.

It would be great to have an option to pin a specific comment so everyone can see it, regardless of whether or not all other comments are visible to others. 

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I second this as providing the ability to include release notes. Even better, maybe some review comments can be set as PUBLIC and viewable to all so that reviewers can see that someone else already noted the issue. But global notes capability would be best, at top of review screen and accessible by icon?

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