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I'd like for reviews to be able to attach files (images, PDF, video, etc.) along with their comments, much like what we can do when posting a new topic or response. This could solve the layers issue as well. 


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We agree! It is on our road map and we hope to implement it soon but we don't have a time frame yet. 


Do you have a timeframe on this yet? 

We have been testing RME with our clients over the past month and overall the response has been good. Unfortunately it is not suitable for most of our clients without the ability to include a screenshot or image file.  

Interestingly enough I can include an image within this post. This is exactly what is needed. 

Hi Matt,

We still have it in our plans to add, but were recently focusing on our new upload processes, which helped to make upload and processing faster.  We will be working on it for one of our next releases, but don't have an updated timeframe yet.  

Our support site leverages a third party system, which is why it is included here, but not on our site.  



is it now possible to attach a file to a ticket?
Or even an automatically generated screenshot of the training page for which you are creating a ticket?
It would also be good if you could highlight additional areas on this screenshot.
Like in JIRA-Zephyr(Capture).

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